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With such an effective medication, as generic propecia every man suffering from hair loss has a chance to improve the situation.

It may be taken not only by old men trying to prevent losing hair in bigger amount, but by younger ones, who are eager to keep a full head of hair. The earlier the problem is determined the faster you may notice the result of the treatment. So, the key point is to visit a doctor regularly and not to be ashamed to share your problems with him or her. Sometimes this medicine is combined with special shampoos. In some cases patients have to stick to a diet for better results.

The reasons to order propecia are quite simple. The drug appeared more than 15 years ago. It was subjected to many trials. The experimental results of FDA trials on 1,500 men experiencing hair loss amazed everyone. They showed, that nearly 83% of men participating in the experiment and having taken this drug for 2 years begin to notice such changes, as a complete stop of hair loss and increasing of hair growth. So, the majority of participants confirmed that their appearance has significantly improved.

If you want to achieve the similar results, consult a specialist first. He will prescribes a dosage required for treating your type of hair taking into account your age, medical history, living conditions and other factors. Generic propecia is usually taken once a day. Constant daily doses are required for improving hormonal imbalance, which is the main reason of male hair loss.

You should also know that effective treatment with propecia always takes some time. That’s why don’t expect your hair re-growing in one month. Patients have to wait for 3-4 months and only then notice positive changes. But these are pleasant expectations, since the drug will sooner or later help you. The best results will be recognized at the second year mark. After having new hair much healthier than your previous one, you’ll understand that it’s worth waiting a while.

The greatest thing is that anyone may buy generic propecia online without going to usual pharmacies and being embarrassed about the problem. It’s recommended not to purchase many pills if you’re planning to take them for the first time. You need a month to learn how your organism will tolerate the treatment. After getting adjusted to the medication, you can order more pills. Don’t forget to buy a special anti-inflammatory shampoo for propecia to work well.